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Van Metre Companies Announces the Formation of a Diversity & Inclusion Council

Van Metre believes that success has everything to do with the values that we hold dear. For Van Metre Companies, those values are: Integrity, Ownership, Respect and Dignity, Diversity and Inclusion, Teamwork, Community, and Work/Life Balance.  Together, these values spark actions – actions that demonstrate respect for the welfare of others, ownership of one’s work and word, recognition of both the impact…

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7 Tips For Working From Your Van Metre Apartment

Working from home has its own set of unique challenges. Follow along for a few of the tips we've found most helpful in creating a work environment that establishes a healthy work/life balance, increases productivity, reduces feelings of stress, and more. These tips will help you make sure that you’re successful, both at getting your…

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How to Prepare for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

With all that is going on and everyone talking about cleaning and sanitizing, we wat to bring some tips about Spring Cleaning, the pressure to get tidy may have you worry, panic and biting your nails. Wondering, where the heck do I even begin? If that sounds familiar, then LISTEN UP. We have a helpful how-to on…

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Super fun St Patrick’s Day Plans!

St Patrick’s day is around the corner and we cannot wait to celebrate this light hearted, super fun holiday in our gorgeous town of Ashburn! Our staff has gathered some highly anticipated get-togethers that we hope to catch you attending! #Ashburnliving ! March 7th, 2020 – St. Patricks Movie Night Belmont Country Club and Golf…

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